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Product Packaging/POP

With requests from a variety of retailers (such as REI) for better branding and shelf-ready packaging, a major overhaul of the kayak packaging was implemented at every touchpoint.

This resulted in not only stronger brand presence but also a better customer experience.

Simply a duffel bag with a color insert on the outside, each kayak had the bare necessities when it came to retail presence. While this approach was efficient in production, it lacked a strong presence on the retail floor which typically resulted in the kayak sitting in a corner on the floor or, even worse, being left in the unmarked outer shipping carton. Additionally, the color sheet, and the plastic pocket it was held in, were prone to tearing or other damage which resulted in an undesirable presentation.

Ultimately, this packaging approach did not properly reflect the premium product held within.

The revised approach to each kayak's packaging was to give the product its proper presentation as a premium item. Rather than do a standard, glossy, all-color box like many inexpensive inflatables on the market, a combination of printed craft with a color label was chosen to create a much more natural and technical look.


Additionally, the print art itself was focused towards that same

technical look, to highlight the premium features, while full color product imagery presents the product at a larger scale, and in-use imagery helps to sell the lifestyle. Debatably antiquated, other informational touchpoints such as QR codes were added and linked to quick set-up videos so that customers could get an idea on how fast the product can be set up for use.

Since outer cartons can become damaged in shipping or on the retail floor, artwork with product identification and strong brand identity was added to the duffel bag, as well as an informational hang tag with a UPC barcode, so that the retailer can still sell the product without the outer carton.

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